Kim Morris & Associates is based in Cairns, The Great Barrier Reef - Australia.

Our Company
  We have been developing an award winning full service landscape design and development studio over the last 25 years.  We are accredited horticulture managers and consultants.  


Kim Morris

Kim Morris is a principal of Garden City Design Co. the international landscape design company that is taking Australian landscape and horticulture skills and plants around the world.    www.gardencitydesign.com

Our Work

We work across a wide spectrum of landscape design, lifestyle horticulture and garden development in Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands.   We specialise in tropical to sub tropical climate garden projects.


  Private home gardens
Urban space gardens design and managemant
Civic spaces and public botanicl gardens
Streetscape and city landscapes
Accredited horticulture and landscape training development for individuals, businesses, specialist groups to entire national training programs. 


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Garden Design

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